What's in a Bane

The new Batman movie is coming out in like a week. It's going to be great, probably, but it's also going to be awkward for Mitt Romney.

Why? Because the villain is Bane. So this conversation might be happening in some theaters in swing states across the country next Friday:

"Whoa - did he just say his name was Bane? Like, Bain Capital?"

"Bain Capital? The credit card company?"

"No, Bain Capital as in the private-equity firm that Mitt Romney founded and stayed at until 1999 or maybe 2002."

"Oh right. I saw some attack ads from President Obama about that on TV yesterday."

Stay tuned for a post-midnight showing blog next week that will feature some of the best quotes and scenes featuring Bane, which is definitely not Bain, or Mitt Romney. Here's one from a trailer: "I'm not who you think I am."

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