Biden in Chains, Obama's Seamus Joke, Who Doesn't Support Medicare Cuts? (PM Note)

We are Pi - Weird Fact of the Day - "U.S. population clock reached milestone of 314,159,265 residents | pi (3.14159265) x 100 million" (h/t Navroop Mitter)

70 Year-Old Tommy Thompson Can Do 50 Pushups. Can He Win a Primary? (Chris Good)

Chelsea Clinton Leaves the Door Firmly Ajar for a Future Run -

How Paul Ryan Shrugged Off Ayn Rand - Why the individualist author lost her most famous devotee to St. Thomas Aquinas - (Gregory Krieg)

Obama Made Two Jokes Today About Romney's Dog - Hello, Seamus! Working a dog joke into a wind energy speech. Is that the first direct Obama-Seamus reference? Election day approaches.

Who Doesn't Support Medicare Cuts? - From Dwyer and Walshe and Tapper - "One way or another, Barack Obama, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney all have supported the $700 billion in cuts to Medicare spending now in place under the Affordable Care Act… But you wouldn't know that by listening to the current debate…. " Watching an ad from the Romney campaign today, "Voters might be left with the impression that Romney and Ryan have both opposed the cuts. The truth is that Ryan himself endorses them in his signature budget plan - the same plan Romney has said he would sign as president if it reached his desk."

President Obama in 2009 Pledged to Veto Attempts to Undo Medicare Cuts -

Tuesday Recap - The election may be more about big ideas now than it would have been without Paul Ryan. He may have given the GOP base an ideological shot in the arm. He may draw some more boldness out of Romney. The campaign may be "ecstatic," as we heard on GMA.

But Ryan, the intellectual muscle of the House GOP, also gives Democrats the ability, for the first time, to directly tie the Romney ticket to Congress, which officially has the some of the lowest approval ratings for anything ever.

10 Percent, according to Gallup today -

The candidates and their running mates were sprinkled around the country. Iowa, Ohio, Colorado, Virginia.

'Put Y'all Back in Chains' - Biden gets top billing with his cringe-inducing comment about Republicans putting people in chains - (Jake Tapper)

Obama and Romney both focused on energy - Guess - which one do you think was talking about wind and which one was talking about coal?

Romney accused Obama of "Blowing Smoke" on Coal - You'll recall that candidate Obama used to talk a lot about "clean coal".

Axis of Ds - Paul Ryan is working on his alliteration. He said Democrats want to "distort, demagogue and divide."

Somebody must be working on their convention speech (with Dan Senor and John McConnell) -

Meeting With Adelson - Ryan is meeting tonight behind closed doors with Sheldon Adelson. One boon so far for the Romney campaign in the Ryan pick has been fundraising. -

GOP Rising Stars Chris Christie, Marco Rubio to Address RNC - Chris Christie, New Jersey's brash and brassy Republican governor, will be unofficially crowned the party's rising star when he delivers the keynote address at the Republican National Convention later this month in Tampa, Fla. (Russell Goldman)

Obama Tells Romney to 'Get Real' on College Aid - The Obama campaign opened a new line of attack on Mitt Romney in its latest swing state TV ad, seizing on the Republican's approach to financing higher education. (Devin Dwyer)

Jesse Jackson and Bipolar Disorder - It's likely not related to weight loss surgery -

Yahoo!s Jeff Greenfield has these thoughts on Paul Ryan:

'For most observers, the question seems to be whether voters will reject Ryan's vision of government that has now been surgically grafted onto the Romney campaign. Will seniors will run screaming from a vision of health insurance vouchers? Will the inevitable slashing of programs will prove too draconian?

'My question is different: I wonder how long it will be before the focus of attention shifts back to Mitt Romney.

'As a general proposition, campaigns do not linger on the vice-presidential nominee. When they do, it's always meant very bad news for the ticket. Think of Spiro Agnew's foot-in-mouth disease; Tom Eagelton's medical history; the real-estate holdings of Geraldine Ferraro's husband; the unbearable lightness of Dan Quayle; Sarah Palin's reading list. There is no evidence that Paul Ryan would find himself the center of such unwelcome attention" -

Obama Makes Surprise Stop for Breakfast - OSKALOOSA, Iowa - Rolling into his first campaign event of the day, President Obama made a surprise stop for coffee and muffins at a local breakfast spot. (Mary Bruce)

Minnesota Nice: A Gentlemanly to Veepstalkers Even After He Knew He Didn't Get Veep -

Joe the Plumber Unfiltered: Build a 'Damn Fence' and 'Start Shooting' - Samuel " Joe the Plumber " Wurzelbacher is not politically correct and he's proud of it. And to prove it, the Ohio Republican congressional candidate told a crowd of about 125 supporters in Arizona that the government should "put a damn fence on the border going with Mexico and start shooting." (Amy Bingham)

Nancy Hamilton, Wife of Ex-Rep Lee Hamilton, Killed - Nancy Hamilton, wife of former Rep. Lee Hamilton of Indiana, died after sustaining injuries in a car accident on Saturday afternoon. (Meghan Kiesel)

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