Is the Running Mate Conversation Like a Proposal? Paul Ryan Says Yes

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WEST CHESTER, Pa. - There's a courtship and a proposal, and a Secret Service contingent instead of a ring.

So, is being asked to share a GOP ticket similar to being proposed to? Paul Ryan says yes.

"It was one of the most moving conversations I've ever had with anybody," Ryan told Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity in excerpts released before this evening's interview. "He told me where he thought the country was headed, how we got to get back on track, his life story, what is in his heart … then he basically said, 'You share my values and you have the kind of experience I'm going to need to help me fix this country's problems.' Our experiences complement each other quite well, and we apply the same principles, founding principles, to the problems of the day. And he basically said, 'Let's go fix this country.'"

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Hannity asked Ryan about one of his perceived weak spots: foreign policy. Ryan answered that he has "a lot more experience than Barack Obama did when he became president."

"Most of the traveling I've done throughout my 14 years in Congress has been to the Middle East," Ryan said. "I've had men and women to war on more than one occasion. I've been to those funerals. I've talked to the widows and the wives and the parents. I've gone to Afghanistan and Iraq to meet with our troops, to learn from them. … But if you take a look at our current posture, President Obama is quote-unquote, 'leading from behind.'"

As for his debate in October with Joe Biden, he said he's looking forward to it and he gets along with the vice president "quite well."

"I enjoy debating," Ryan said. "It's what we do in Congress. So to me, I love spirited debates about ideas. And I've known Joe a long time. We get along personally quite well. And so I'm looking forward to debating Joe on just our different visions for the future."

As for Biden's controversial comments last week when he told an audience in Virginia that the GOP ticket would "put y'all back in chains," Hannity said it shows the Democrats have "run out of ideas and solutions."

"These are the things people say when they have a terrible track record that they can't run on, when they're not offering anything new and when they're trying to knock this campaign down into the gutter of smear and fear, anger and frustration. That's what you get," Ryan said.

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