Isaac's Spin Zone, Freedom Brew, Will "Drill Baby Drill" Return? (PM Note)

Tropical Storm Isaac Is Spinning Towards South Florida -

The storm could smash into the mountains of Haiti, weakening the storm as it sweeps over the Bahamas and swirls off the east coast of Florida, bringing strong winds and rain to Miami, but missing Tampa.

Worst Case Scenario - Hurricane Isaac stays on the western track, skating over the Caribbean Sea south of Haiti, crossing the primarily flat landscape of western Cuba into the Gulf of Mexico then curving east and hitting Tampa dead-on.

Will the Republican National Committee cancel the convention? ABC's Amy Bingham has the latest.

Isaac or No Isaac, Police Are Spending $50 Million Ahead of Convention -

Unrelated to Isaac, Rick Warren Cancels His Forum -

Romney broke out the graphs to unveil his new energy policy.

Drill Baby Drill? - Romney's new energy policy evokes memories of that moment exactly 4 years ago at the 2008 GOP Convention. It includes more offshore drilling options . His policy that will hinge on states, and not the federal government, being able to control energy development on federal land, a shift that the campaign says will result in North American energy independence by the year 2020. (Emily Friedman)

Paul Ryan Brands Himself - He's a Gen X-er

Team Obama met with reporters today to talk about the state of the campaign. Jake Tapper breaks it down.

Tapper Also Pressed Carney About Obama's Silence on The Grim Economic Forecast -

The White House Has Also Been Silent on Their Secret Beer Recipe -

You Know Who Hasn't Been Silent? Bill Clinton - Here he is blessing Obama economics in a new TV spot .

We're Running Out Of Todd Akin Puns, But Not Todd Akin News -

Akin to McCaskill: You Should Drop Out -

Romney Focuses on Deficit While Democrats Continue Trying Akin-ization of GOP - Jake Tapper's GMA Report.

President Obama Says Todd Akin 'Somehow Missed Science Class' -

Wisconsin Tightens, Ohio Loosens (The Note) - The latest NYT-CBS News-Quinnipiac University poll confirms the greatest hopes - and fears - of the GOP. (MICHAEL FALCONE and AMY WALTER)

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