Mitt Romney Pokes Fun at 'Shove It' Spokesman

WAUKESHA, Wis. - Mitt Romney poked fun tonight at his traveling press secretary who recently cursed at reporters, kidding one reporter that he better "watch out" if he decides to shout out questions too loudly.

"You just have to watch out because if Rick Gorka catches you you're in trouble," said Romney, who invited a small group of photographers aboard his campaign bus, where he sat alongside Rep. Paul Ryan.

Gorka had told a group of reporters to "shove it" earlier this month when they yelled questions to Romney at a stop in Poland on his overseas trip.

The reporter Romney told to be careful this evening had yelled a question so loudly on a flight the night before that another reporter sitting in front of him had been startled, a scene witnessed by Ryan who laughed about it at the time.

During the brief photo op, the chemistry between Ryan and Romney was undeniable, the two finishing each other's sentences as they discussed their upcoming schedules.

"We were just talking about his schedule, he's going to be going off to Des Moines and then to Denver and then Las Vegas," said Romney, Ryan chiming in.

"Somebody told me I was coming back to North Carolina in North Carolina, so I guess that too," Ryan said.

"That could be, I don't know. I'm going to Florida, I don't know where I'm going after Florida, do you know Garrett where I'm going after Florida?" Romney asked his body man, Garrett Jackson.

Told he would be heading to Ohio after the stops in Florida, Romney seemed excited at the prospect of seeing one of his other vice presidential contenders, exclaiming, "Oh! Interesting, going to see Rob Portman."

"Oh yeah, I think I'm going to Ohio too," Ryan chimed in, as Romney followed up, "You'll be in Ohio too?"

And then it apparently occurred to Romney that he may not see Ryan for quite some time. The two will part ways tonight - Ryan heading to Iowa, Romney to Florida.

"Do we ever get a chance to campaign together or is that, like, we've experienced that?" said Romney joining in laughter with Ryan.

"Does that ever happen again?" Ryan asked.

"Do I get to see him until the inauguration?" Romney said, laughing.

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