Photo of the Day: Caption Contest

Charles Dharapak/AP Photo

[Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney talks with Iowa Agriculture Secretary Bill Northey and farm owner Lemar Koethe in Des Moines, Iowa,Wednesday.]

We couldn't pick just one - l eave your own caption in the comments section below.

"And you think if the government gives extra money they can add this to gasoline?"

"This corn is exactly the perfect size."

"I see. You call this 'corn'?"

"I'm squeezing it, but the syrup won't come out."

"You say he used this as the murder weapon?"

"Visual processors indicate this is a farming product."

"Yes…I've seen something like this in one of my TV ads."

"As a potential running mate it's not exactly a game-changer …"

"Is there a tax on this?"

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