R and R Away From Romney and Ryan

Tampa, Fla. - Amongst the police, politicians, delegates and media who have dropped in and descended upon downtown Tampa, there are some agents of serenity. Just a block or two away from the Tampa Bay Times Forum, a few oases have been created for those needing an escape from the fluorescent lights or tropical humidity.

The YG network and Woman Up! are hosting a women's pavilion throughout the week that's designed to pamper. It's set up with soft lighting, leather couches, a Facebook photo booth and food bar. But the biggest draw might be the hair salon set up inside. In between the speeches and the parties, ladies can duck in and keep frizz under control with a $30 blow out or a $20 touch-up. In addition to the luxurious amenities, the pavilion is also hosting panels and forums on topics relevant to women during the week.

For those constantly on the move with no time to stop by anywhere, there are Freewheelin carts. Freewheelin is a free, environmentally friendly service that provides rides around Tampa on a pedal bus. In addition to the rides, when you swing by a cart you can grab a free water bottle, a piece of fruit, and even have a health screening.

Little more than a block away from the pavilion, Huffington Post, Off The Mat and Into The World have a set-up rivaling a four-star spa. Aptly named the Oasis, the space emanates calm. The dim lights and white décor provide a clean and tranquil environment. Beyond the ambience, the Oasis provides entirely free massages, facials, makeup refreshes, yoga classes and healthy food options. The Oasis is catered by Lyfe Kitchen's frozen food line and also serves up Greek yogurt popsicles. With no caffeine or alcohol allowed, the focus is on physical and mental relaxation. After eating, guests can take a nap in a specially-designed nap pod.

"The whole thing is about the well-being on every level," said Huffington Post's Agapi Stassinopoulos. " You eat good food, you come to an environment that nurtures you, you do some yoga, you de-stress and you go back to your everyday things that you do and the stress of the conventions."

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