Romney Guards Convention Speech From Prying Media

BOSTON - Mitt Romney was in good spirits today as he left a second day of convention-speech preparation, sharing with the media only what's likely to be the closing line of his much-anticipated convention speech.

"Thank you, ladies and gentlemen," Romney said when pressed by reporters eager for a sliver of detail about his speech.

Ignoring questions about the length of his speech, Romney, stopping to chat outside a Wolfeboro, N.H., high school where he has been rehearsing, said he likes his speech but wife Ann's might be even better.

"I like my speech," he said. "I really like Ann's speech. Our sons are already in Tampa and they say it's terrific there, a lot of great friends. And we're looking forward to a great convention."

Romney had said earlier today of his wife, "She's going to do terrific."

Ann Romney is expected to speak Tuesday night, while the presumptive GOP nominee's speech is Thursday.

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