The Candidate, Paul Ryan, Makes Another Visit

Aboard the Ryan Plane-In as many days, Paul Ryan again came back for the second time to chat with the press on a flight from Springfield, Mo., to Oakland County, Mich.

The reason was to bid adieu to a reporter being re-assigned to his opponent, Joe Biden, but with all the cameras on him and the audio recorders in his face he took some questions, too despite asking, "Is this going to happen every time I come back here?…Does it have to be so formal?"

Asked if it was difficult to adjust his viewpoints to match the top of the ticket as he did with abortion, he answered simply, "No, it's not."

"I mean, no two people agree on every single issue," Ryan said, before commenting on their differences on the topic of abortion. "And on that particular issue, I mean, Mitt's position, he is the top of the ticket, he will be the president and it's an improvement on the status quo. No two people agree on every single issue and we share the same principles, we apply them to our problems and I am really excited about this."

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Mitt Romney believes abortions should be outlawed except in the case of rape, incest, or life of the mother while Ryan only believes abortion should be allowed to save the mother's life. Since joining the ticket, he has softened his stance on the issue.

The House Budget Chairman only had one public event today and spent the rest of the day in policy discussions with his staff as well as doing some local interviews and headlining a Missouri fundraiser that hauled in $1.2 million for the campaign. It was attended by Missouri luminaries like former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, Sen. Roy Blunt, and former senator Kit Bond, but there was no mention of the Missouri politician in the headlines: Todd Akin. He was not in attendance.

"I wanted to get into the CBO [Congressional Budget Office] baseline, that's kind of a thing I'd like to look into and do a deep dive on the energy stuff…energy policy," Ryan explained.

He had taken off the yellow tie and suit jacket he wore to the earlier fundraiser in Springfield. The reporter heading over to Biden asked Ryan if he had a message.

"Say hi. Go Packers!," Ryan said.

After the brief visit, his aide said it was dinner time and Ryan laughed, saying, "I didn't mean to do a press conference!"

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