Aboard Mitt Romney Campaign Plane, Baking Tips From Ann

CINCINNATI - Surprising the press with a basket filled with her homemade Welsh cakes, Ann Romney paused to chat fashion, cooking and her sons' penchant for pranks.

"Don't you wish I had this basket yesterday?" she said, navigating the aisle of her husband's campaign plane that was about to take off for Florida.

Asked whether she would ever reveal the recipe for the treat, which she was photographed baking in bulk the night before she and Romney left for the RNC last week, Romney said she'd rather offer a cooking demonstration.

"You know, I don't want to give the recipe until I show someone how to make them, because then no one will be able to make them right," she said. "It's not in the recipe, it's the in the making of them. It's in the cooking of them. What you do with the griddle, and you can't cook them too long and you can't roll them out too thin."

Then Romney asked a question of her own: What did the press think of the dress she wore during her RNC speech - a fire-engine red Oscar de la Renta gown.

"We really wanted the girls to help me with the dress for my speech, but did I do OK?" she asked, as reporters nodded and asked what her other options had been.

"The dress that I wore when Mitt accepted on Thursday night, and there are a couple of others that you haven't seen yet. Saving them for what, I don't know," she said.

"Stuart actually gave advice which was really hard to listen to," Romney joked, referring to campaign senior adviser Stuart Stevens, who also helped her with speech prep. "But I don't know if you noticed but I had a Patagonia sweater when I was coming back, he wanted me to wear that. Stuart's choice was inside out T-shirt with a Patagonia jacket."

Ann Romney looked shocked when the press informed her that her youngest son, Craig Romney, had stuck a bug down the pants of her other son Josh Romney when they were saying goodbye in Florida today. Josh Romney had taken to Twitter to post the photo of the critter.

"No! My Josh? My Craig? I've got to see that," she said.

"No, it's great. They still haven't grown up. Which is really terrific. I'm still proud of them," she said.

"Actually I was really proud of Craig for going out there and to see him so emotional too, it was very moving for me as a mom to see him, and then I thought his Spanish was great, even though I don't speak a word of Spanish," she said of Craig's speech, which was delivered a few hours before Romney's. "I was very impressed."

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