Obama Ad Features 30 Seconds of Romney

VIRGINIA BEACH - President Obama's re-election campaign is giving Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney some free airtime in seven battleground states, but it's not the welcome kind.

A new 30-second Obama TV ad features Romney entirely in his own words, speaking at the now infamous secretly-taped fundraiser earlier this year when he referred to the " 47 percent" of Americans who he said will support Obama no matter what he does in his campaign.

While Team Obama has used Romney's controversial remarks in two previous ads, the new spot is the first to run them in extended form and without any other added narration or commentary.

Audio from the event plays over still images of faces of everyday Americans, presumably members of the 47 percent, including families, senior citizens, workers, and veterans.

"There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it," Romney says.

"And they will vote for this president no matter what. And so my job is not to worry about those people," he tells donors. "I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives."

The ad - titled "My Job" - will air in New Hampshire, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Nevada and Colorado, the Obama campaign said.

Democrats have used Romney's words to suggest that he would not care about all Americans as president, a claim the candidate has strongly rejected. Shortly after the secret recording surfaced, Romney said that he was speaking politically at the time and that he is committed to being a president of "the 100 percent."

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