Schumer Welcomes Paul Ryan Back as a Deficit-Reduction 'Fraud'

What a welcome back.

Senate Democrats haven't exactly rolled out the red carpet for Rep. Paul Ryan now that the GOP vice presidential nominee is returning to his old stamping grounds to cast a vote at the U.S. Capitol today.

"It's nice to see Paul Ryan back here in Congress," Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY., said, oozing with sarcasm. "It will be even nicer to see him back here as a full-time member in January."

Ryan returns to the House of Representatives today, for the first time since being chosen as Mitt Romney's running mate, to cast his vote on a sequester replacement bill coming out of the budget committee today.

But Schumer took to the Senate floor first to disparage Ryan's budget plan, declaring Ryan a "fraud" for the "unrealistic" and "rosy" assumptions on which his deficit plan is based, in his opinion.

"In terms of deficit reduction, the Ryan plan - there's no other way to state it - is a fraud," Schumer said. "Perhaps the least credible claim of all about congressman Ryan is the idea that he's a serious deficit hawk and that his budget is a serious attempt at deficit reduction.

"He's not and it's not. The Paul Ryan budget is about ideology rather than commonsense solutions to the country's economic and fiscal problems."

Ryan spokesman Brendan Buck said, "With President Obama's failed leadership leaving us with 43 straight months of unemployment above 8 percent, another trillion-dollar deficit, and looming defense cuts that will devastate our military, do his allies in the Senate have nothing better to do than engage in stale political attacks?

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