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Below are some of the notable comments made Sunday on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos." Guests included New Jersey Governor Chris Christie; White House Senior Adviser David Plouffe; former Mississippi Governor and former Republican National Committee Chair Haley Barbour; former Vermont Governor and former Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean; Democratic strategist and ABC News Contributor Donna Brazile; political strategist and ABC News Political Analyst Matthew Dowd; and Politico Senior Political Reporter Maggie Haberman.


1) Christie tells Obama to stop lying

CHRISTIE: Stop lying, Mr. President…Governor Romney is not talking about more tax cuts for the wealthy. In fact, what he said is that the wealthy will pay just as much under a Romney administration as they pay today.

2) Christie predicts Romney's debate performance will change the outlook of the race

I mean, every time Mitt Romney has been confronted in this campaign with one of these moments, he has come through in the debate and performing extraordinarily well, laying out his vision very clearly, and also contrasting himself and his vision with whoever his opponent was at that time. So I have absolute confidence that, when we get to Thursday morning, George, all you're going to be shaking your head, saying it's a brand-new race with 33 days to go.

3) Christie doesn't buy argument that polls are skewed

CHRISTIE: Do I think there's a concerted effort to skew the polls against Governor Romney? No, I don't buy that.

4) Christie says Obama will be 'very good' at debate

CHRISTIE: I heard Ed Rendell the other day say, oh, he hasn't debated in four years. Poor President Obama. He's only been leader of the free world and commander-in-chief of our military during that time. I think he's had a few debates inside the White House over time. And I think he'll be very good.

5) Christie gives advice to Romney campaign

CHRISTIE: Be truthful…all he's got to do is go out there and tell the truth, because if you tell the truth about what's going on in our country, people are going to understand that…

CHRISTIE: Well, I think what we need is a big and bold performance on Wednesday night. And that's what he's going to give us. Got absolute confidence in that.

6) Christie says Missouri Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin should not have the support of the Republican Party

STEPHANOPOULOS: Do you think he should have the support of the Republican Party? CHRISTIE: No. STEPHANOPOULOS: And he doesn't have your support? CHRISTIE: No, he doesn't.

7) Plouffe expects the race to tighten

PLOUFFE: We still believe this is going to be a close race. There's no doubt that it will tighten. We're not going to win battleground states by 10 or 11 points.

8) Plouffe defends Susan Rice

PLOUFFE: Susan Rice has done a terrific job for this country and the administration…Ambassador Rice and others were doing were going on what the - our intelligence agencies were saying at the moment, and obviously once they became convinced that, in fact, this was an act of terrorism, that's then where we've all been.

9) Plouffe responds to Christie's accusation that President Obama is lying

PLOUFFE: "Strong words and not true…The notion that somehow by closing loopholes for the wealthy that the middle class is going to be held harmless - you know, the middle class needs to understand, if - if Mitt Romney wins this presidential election, they're going to be paying the bill, not to reduce the deficit, not to reduce jobs, but to give huge tax cuts to the wealthy."


10) Dowd says Romney campaign committed political "malpractice"

DOWD: What happened to the Romney campaign - and it's almost I think political malpractice - is that, for the summer and a big part of the convention time, they left the playing field totally to Barack Obama and of the Obama campaign.

11) Debates are "last chance" for Romney to change the campaign's course

HABERMAN: They can sometimes make a huge difference. I think for Mitt Romney especially this is his last chance to try to change the arc of this campaign.

12) Barbour says media didn't ask for details from Obama in 2008

BARBOUR: You know, it's interesting to me to hear you guys talk about detail, detail, detail. I didn't hear any of that in 2008.

13) Dean says if President Obama can kill Osama bin Laden, he can debate Mitt Romney

DEAN: This is the guy who killed Osama bin Laden. I think he can probably stand up to Mitt Romney.

14) Barbour says Romney shouldn't focus on foreign policy

BARBOUR: [Americans] are concerned about how backwards the Middle East has gone in the last year. But they're much more concerned about their children having jobs, about them being able to pay for their health insurance, $3.85 gasoline.

Compiled by Kaye Foley and Rhaina Cohen

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