Values Voter Summit Highlights God and Democrats

It has been more than a week since the Democrats adopted and then altered their party platform at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., but the platform is still an item at the conservative Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C.

The first version of the party platform adopted on the first day of the convention in Charlotte did not include the word "God," nor did it include a reference to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. After some negative reaction, however, the party moved to change its platform on the second day to include "God" and the Jerusalem reference. The change was approved after three rounds of voting, and the convention moved on.

Republicans, however, have not. Romney and other GOP leaders have frequently referenced the platform debacle in the days since the convention, and it was a common thread woven throughout the speeches at today's summit.

"We're not afraid to mention in our platform that our rights come from almighty God," Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell said in his speech, comparing the Republican P arty platform to the Democrats'.

Rising tea party star and Texas Senate candidate Ted Cruz echoed McDonnell.

"How many of y'all saw the Democratic Party platform, when, as you know, they had deleted any reference to God, and any reference to the fact that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel," Cruz said. "When they started getting criticism, the order came from on high to change it."

The Values Voter Summit is an annual conference hosted by the conservative Christian group, the Family Research Council. Speakers at the summit include top conservative political figures such as former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, who will speak Saturday, and GOP vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan, who spoke today.

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