Woodward on ABC, Mitt and God on the Trail, Who is 'Standing with Rahm' (PM Note)

Tune in for the ABC / Wash Post post-convention round-up tomorrow on GMA.

The audio of Obama and Boehner interviews from Woodward's book is amazing - http://abcn.ws/U5bsof

Check out more from Diane Sawyer on Nightline and Woodward himself on GMA. -

"We stand with Mayor Rahm Emanuel" - Paul Ryan tries out New GOP talking point - "We stand with the children and we stand with the families and the parents of Chicago because education reform, that's a bipartisan issue," Ryan said in Portalnd. "This does not have to divide the two parties. And so, we were going to ask, where does President Obama stand? Does he stand with his former Chief of Staff Mayor Rahm Emanuel, with the children and the parents, or does he stand with the union? On issues like this, we need to speak out and be really clear." http://abcn.ws/QF0WC9 (Shush Walshe)

When reporters tried to get a little more clarity from Paul Ryan, he wouldn't engage. Instead, conversation turned to asparagus and donuts.

Romney Inserts God Into Stump - From Michael Falcone - At a campaign rally in Mansfield, Ohio on Monday Romney pledged that, if elected, "I will not take God out of my heart, I will not take God out of the public square and I will not take it out of the platform of my party." His promise in Ohio on Monday echoed his remarks in Virginia on Saturday when Romney led the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance. "That pledge says 'under God,' and I will not take God out of our platform," Romney told a Virginia Beach crowd. "I will not take God off our coins, and I will not take God out of my heart."

It was not the first time Romney used the line, but it appears to be the first time in a while. In a Feb. 2007 interview, ABC's George Stephanopoulos asked Romney about his views on the separation of church and state.

"Well, we have a separation of church and state in this country, and we should and it's served us well," Romney told Stephanopoulos at the time. "I don't believe, for instance, we should take 'Under God' out of the Pledge of Allegiance. I don't think we should take 'In God We Trust' off of our coins. There's a point at which we take something which is a good principle to an extreme." http://abcn.ws/PjYpRu

Silly Season - After the conventions, it's time to gear up and talk about the issues that matter. So why do our inboxes seem so cluttered with Obama's bearhug, Paul Ryan's marathon, Joe Biden's biker chick, Nicki Minaj?

It seems a little early for the silly season. But it's here. Witness this headline:

Obama Bear hugger's pizzeria Yelp page as proxy for 2012 - (if that headline seems like a meaningless string of words… well, it kind of does to us too) - http://abcn.ws/U56rfq

Carney Denies Obama Leadership Gap - After Woodward book, says: "I'm not sure what magical past people are invoking where they imagine that in any recent time, serious accomplishments were achieved in policy matters at a dinner in Georgetown," he told reporters. "It doesn't happen. And what has to happen is that leaders have to be willing on behalf of all of the American people to compromise and take risk, and not to worry about whether they're going to get a challenge from the tea party in their next congressional primary." - http://abcn.ws/U5aSqs

Fact Check: Mitt Romney on 'Obamacare' and Pre-Existing Conditions - Mitt Romney said Sunday he doesn't want to get rid of all of "Obamacare," a statement that at first seemed to indicate he'd softened his position on President Obama's health care law. But he then cited a ban on pre-existing conditons even though he opposes it. Romney hasn't said what exactly his plan would do for the uninsured who have a pre-existing condition. Here's a look at who exaclty is affected by pre-existing conditions, how badly they want insurance, and at least one conservative idea for how to get those folks covered (expand HIPPA) - http://abcn.ws/OBa2ka

Why Elizabeth Warren Wants to Repeal Part of Obamacare - The 2.3 percent excise tax on medical devices is a little-known provision in the law that is estimated to raise $20 billion in revenue over 10 years, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation. But some Democrats, including Warren, a Democratic National Convention speaker, represent states that employ medical device workers and are concerned that the tax with hamper job growth in industry valued at over $100 billion in 2010, according to the Department of Commerce. http://abcn.ws/QzwmgJ (Michael Ono)

In Tough Districts, Some Democrats Aren't Showing Obama Much Love - We're looking at you, Charlie Wilson - http://abcn.ws/TDv2w6 (Larotonda)

Revisiting Paul Ryan's Opposition to 9/11 First Responder's Bill - http://abcn.ws/U5aSqs (Parkinson)

C hallenges to Voting Rules - 4 Cases to Watch - A guide to the most important and controversial voter ID laws and restrictions on early in-person voting that supporters say will cut down on voter fraud and opponents say will deny many Americans, particularly minorities, of their rights. http://abcn.ws/Pb25kU (Ariane De Vogue)

Paul Ryan's Disputed GM Claim Pops Up in Iowa Ad - A conservative superPAC is taking part of Paul Ryan's convention speech that brought him under fire for inaccurately blaming President Obama for a GM plant's closing and using his words in a new ad attacking Obama and backing up the GOP ticket. http://abcn.ws/TCYH8x (Shushannah Walshe)

Netanyahu v the US Ambassador - Today's Q's for O's WH - 9/10/2012 - Tapper to Carney: There are reports from an attendee of a meeting between the U.S. ambassador to Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu about a very heated meeting and the prime minister expressing serious concerns about the U.S.' or President Obama's failure to specify the red lines beyond which Iran cannot cross, and with suggestions that nobody in the Israeli or Iranian government believes that President Obama would act, that there is no actual threat because no one believes the U.S. would do anything. First of all, can you confirm - or what can you tell us about the meeting between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Ambassador (Shapiro)*? And second of all, just what do you make of skepticism that the U.S. would act if Iran crossed a line, because nobody knows what the line is?' Answer here: http://abcn.ws/RyteUk (Jake Tapper)

Obama Doubts Nicki Minaj Romney Support in Radio Interview - Rapper Minaj has broken her silence on her apparent endorsement of Mitt Romney via her Twitter account. And apparently, President Obama's suggestion she was playing a "character" was not too far off. She writes:"@nickiminaj Ha! Thank you for understanding my creative humor & sarcasm Mr. President, the smart ones always do… *sends love & support* @barackobama"This morning the president told an Orlando hip-hop station he wasn't sure what to make of the media reports of the artist's endorsement or whether to believe she was being serious. http://abcn.ws/QDtBYb (Matthew Larotonda)

Harry Reid Mocks Paul Ryan's Marathon Misstatement - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid reopened the Senate today after a five-week recess, wasting no time before launching a broadside against Rep. Paul Ryan, the GOP vice presidential nominee. "I ran the Boston marathon. And using the Ryan math, my time would not have been a world's record, but within minutes - minutes - of a world record," Reid said from the Senate floor. "I could have made the Olympic team. Using Ryan math, I would have been superb." http://abcn.ws/QyU52L (Sunlen Miller)

Reid ran the Boston Marathon in 3:16 in 1972, according to a 1971 Christian Science Monitor article unearned the Sunlen Miller.

Winning Hearts and Minds Through Food - When it comes to diplomacy, food matters. That's the message Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wants to send by championing the State Department's global chef program. http://abcn.ws/P8hEfb (Dana Hughes)

Congressman Eludes Threatening Armed Woman - Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., had to throw his truck in reverse and speed off as he was chased by a woman pointing a gun at him, officials said today. The congressman was not injured during the incident, which occurred Sunday evening. http://abcn.ws/PbHOMf (John Parkinson)

Lawmaker Sacked on Free Speech for Football Players - After a testy exchange of scathing letters, Maryland state Delegate Emmett C. Burns has changed his mind and conceded that professional football players have First Amendment rights to freedom of speech. http://abcn.ws/RDzuo1 (Amy Bingham)

Jay-Z's One Problem With The 99 Percent - Jay-z has rapped about "99 problems," and now he's identifying one of them: the 99 percent. In an interview with the New York Times, the "Empire State of Mind" rapper and mogul dished out tough criticism of the Occupy Wall Street movement, questioning its message while defending free enterprise. http://abcn.ws/Pb3zMe (Kyle Blaine)

Why Did the Obama Administration Deny Bolivia's Extradition Request? - Why wouldn't the U.S. cooperate with this request? On Friday, U.S. State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell was asked about this, and he said "we reiterate our expressions of sympathy to the victims and their families who lost their lives or were injured in the civil unrest surrounding the protests of October 2003. But as a matter of longstanding policy, we don't comment on specific extradition requests, so I simply can't get into that." http://abcn.ws/RNIVWt (Jake Tapper)

Obama's $114M in August Outpaces Romney's Loot - President Obama's campaign outraised Republican nominee Mitt Romney's campaign in August, raking in $114 million to Romney's $111.6 million. http://abcn.ws/NkmoQr (Emily Friedman)

How You and Your Smart Phone Are Changing Politics - http://abcn.ws/S2WZaT (Jake Tapper)

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