Ann Romney Surprises Florida Volunteers With Pizza and Chit Chat

ORLANDO, Fla. - Ann Romney surprised volunteers at a Victory Center here this morning, popping in with two pizza pies in hand to cheers of shock and awe.

"We appreciate all the work you're doing, all the help you're giving us and how important this state is to us, and how important this Florida election is for all of you, and I hope you're having a great time making the phone calls," Romney said, standing next to a row of people making phone calls on behalf of her husband's campaign.

One volunteer, Chris, was one of the first to greet Ann Romney and told her that he had had no idea she was coming today.

"Fantastic, bonus, huh?" said Romney, who doled out campaign pins and signed T-shirts as she made her away around the room.

"Yeah, made my day," said the volunteer.

When volunteers complimented Romney on her speech at the Republican National Convention, she told them she "really enjoyed it" as well, and when they praised Mitt Romney's debate performance, she agreed: "He was terrific, wasn't he?"

One women offered her prayers. "God is on your side, we know that. God is on your side," she said, and a teen boy described how Mitt Romney had motivated him.

"Hi, Mrs. Romney. I'm 16 years old and I'm really - he's really inspired me to be a better person," the boy, who did not give his name, said. "I've been working, he did awesome at the debate. I got on the debate team, hope I can be as good as he is."

Before heading out to rejoin her husband back at their Orlando hotel, Romney sat down to place calls to voters in the area, the coveted I-4 corridor, which is known to be one of the crucial places in the battleground state to pick up swing votes. After a bit of a hold-up due to technical difficulties, she spoke briefly with a voter who said he was planning on voting for her husband.

"You know what we're doing is we're calling to make sure well, if we're going to get you to vote and count on your support in November?" Romney asked a voter identified as Justin, who evidently responded that he would support the Romney/Ryan ticket.

"Of course! This is easy! I wish this happened with everybody," Romney announced.

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