Biden Praises Obama's Debate Effort, Says Romney Stuck in the Past

TOLEDO, Ohio - Vice President Joe Biden today praised President Obama's performance in Monday night's debate, pointing to Mitt Romney's showing as an indication that his foreign, social and economic policies are stuck in the past.

"Boy, did we see a president worth voting for last night," Biden told the crowd at the University of Toledo as he encouraged them to participate in early voting.

"As the president pointed out, these debates, the four now that we've had, have exposed that Governor Romney and congressman [Paul] Ryan have a foreign policy - to paraphrase the president last night - a foreign policy out of the '80s, a social policy out of the '50s, and an economic policy out of the '20s," Biden said.

"But regardless of whether or not you agree with that, here's the deal: It's clear by now to the American people that the difference in our policies, and I would submit, in our value system, is profound. This is a profound choice the American people are going to make. I don't think they're going to be at all confused about the choices they have."

Biden noted that Romney echoed Obama's positions throughout much of the foreign policy-centered debate and argued that the American people still are unable to distinguish where Romney stands.

"Last night, you saw Governor Romney rushing to agree with President Obama. Whoa. … I was stunned and pleased that Governor Romney had disavowed so many things he's said in the past, and acknowledged that the president was right on so many things," he said.

"Folks, whether it was the strength of the United States Navy or our plans for Afghanistan or how to handle Iran or our relationship with Israel, you got a very clear sense that these guys just don't get it," Biden said as a man shouted "Romnesia."

The Obama campaign earlier today announced it would distribute more than 3.5 million copies of a 20 page magazine-style brochure detailing the president's plans for a second term, and the vice president proudly waved one of the new booklets as he explained how the president will attempt to get more Americans back to work and reinvigorate the manufacturing industry.

"We have laid out what we will do. It's all here in our plan," Biden said as he waved the brochure in the air. "That sounds so trite to hold up a plan but let me tell you a little bit of what it is. … In terms of creating jobs we have a plan, we've already created 5.2 million jobs, we've already brought back the automobile industry. We've already brought back the steel industry is coming back, people are back to work making a decent living."

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