Biden Says GOP's Social Policy Channels 'Mad Men'

Michael Yarish/AMC; Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

OSHKOSH, Wis. - Vice President Joe Biden said Friday that the Republican Party is living in the world of Don Draper when it comes to social policy, evoking the popular television show "Mad Men" to make his point to the college age audience in Oshkosh.

"I guess they got caught up in 'Mad Men.' That's straight out of the '50s!" Biden said at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.

Comedian Tina Fey made a similar reference at the Center for Reproductive Rights Wednesday.

"I watch these guys, and I'm like, what is happening? Am I a secretary on 'Mad Men'?" Fey said in a speech at the center's inaugural gala .

Since the president's final debate with Mitt Romney earlier this week, Biden has linked the GOP's foreign policy to the '80s, tied its social policy to the '50s and its economic policy to the '20s.

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On his fifth trip to Wisconsin this year, the vice president pushed supporters to head to the polls early, even telling them they could catch a ride to an early-voting location after the event.

"Again, I want to make what we call a public service announcement," Biden said. "Early voting is available between now and November the 2nd, and every town that has an early vote location. You can even register and vote at your early vote location at the same time, and if you live here in Oshkosh, you can vote right after we wrap up here."

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