Obama Campaign Not Worried About Debate Moderator Candy Crowley

The Obama campaign is denying reports that they are concerned that presidential debate moderator Candy Crowley may ask too many follow-up questions at tonight's presidential debate.

Obama campaign senior adviser Robert Gibbs said that a document signed by the Obama and Romney campaigns, first reported by Time magazine, which demanded a more restrictive role for CNN's Crowley, is nothing more than the result of "getting two lawyers into a room to write an agreement." Crowley was not asked to sign the agreement, the report said.

"I have no idea why this is a problem," Gibbs said on the ABC News/Yahoo News livestream show. "I think the president is happy to take questions from any undecided voter tonight. I think the president is happy to take follow-up questions from Candy tonight."

Tune in to ABCNews.com on Tuesday for livestreaming coverage of the second 2012 Presidential Town Hall Debate in Hempstead, N.Y. Coverage kicks off with ABC News' live preview show at noon, and full debate coverage begins at 8 p.m.

Gibbs, who was a guest on Crowley's show "State of the Union" on Sunday, said he emerged from the experience "unscathed."

"I think it's a fascinating and interesting format. I think it will suit the president well," Gibbs said. " If you look back at the town hall meetings in the past, there's plenty of room for Candy to do follow-ups."

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