PM Note: A Video Tease, Debate Prep at Hoover Dam or Salsa Bar?, The Sound of Roberts and Kennedy

Listen - Roberts vs. Kennedy - Audio of Obamacare Ruling released - (de Vogue)

A Drudge Tease - What could Obama have said in 2006 that is relevant today? If it's what's being teased, Jake Tapper wrote about it in 2007 -

And featured it in a World News piece in 2008 -

Debate Prep - Hoover Dam or Salsa Bar? - Romney makes pit stop at Chipotle. Obama makes pit stop at Hoover Dam. You could imaging Romney mentioning Chipotle in a debate riff on business. You could imagine Obama mentioning the Dam in a debate riff on public works. -

Two Audiences, Two Unelectable Candidates and One Much-Hyped Debate - Matthew Dowd's pre-debate analysis - Audience No. 1 is made up of the independent voters who are either still undecided (Really? I have stood in line behind folks like you at restaurants and it does get frustrating), or softly affiliated with Obama.

Audience No. 2 is a more difficult one for Romney. This audience is made up of the media, the press, and the various and many pundits who will comment and analyze the debate (and yes, yours truly is one of them).

The last time Obama and Romney met? Per CNN it was the ABC / WMUR New Hampshire debate in 2008 - They're the only two you CAN'T really see in this picture -

QOTD - Warren / Brown - The Question of the Day comes from a smart Democrat on Capitol Hill after last night's Elizabeth Warren / Scott Brown debate. What are the odds that both Warren and Brown are in the U.S. Senate after 2014?

Infographic - A Brief History of Presidential Debates - starting with Lincoln / Douglass -

Biden Says Middle Class 'Has Been Buried Last Four Years'- Vice President Joe Biden, criticizing Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan for a plan he said will raise taxes on the middle class, instead stepped on his campaign's message by saying the middle class has been "buried" over the last four years - the time President Obama has been in office. "This is deadly earnest. How they can justify, how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that has been buried the last four years, how in the Lord's name can they justify raising their taxes. We've seen this movie before," Biden said to a crowd of 1,000 at the Fillmore Charlotte. (Saenz)

Ryan Quickly Seizes on Biden and 'Buried' -

Mitt to the Middle - On the eve of his first debate with President Obama, Mitt Romney indicated that he was considering a uniform deduction for most tax payers - $17,000 was the figure mentioned - as a way to pay for his proposed reform, which includes $5 trillion in across-the-board cuts. Romney also appeared to shift slightly on the issue of illegal immigration, saying he would honor two year visas issued by President Obama this summer for students who arrived here illegally as children.

More on Mitt's New Position on DREAMers - (Emily Friedman)

Zinger School! - Virginia Democratic Challenger, whose chances of winning are slight, dings House GOP Leader Cantor in sole debate - (Krieg)

Unlike Other Republicans, Mitt Romney Still Opposes Todd Akin -

Obama Coal Ad Suggests Romney Used Miners as 'Props' -

Paul Ryan Gets Asked for More Specifics, But This Time by a Voter -

Reason TV to Samuel Jackson: YOU 'Wake the F*** Up' - (Amy Bingham)

White House Has No Comment on House GOPers' Assertions that Libyan Mission Requested Security Prior to 9/11/12 Attack -

What Dr. Tim Would Ask at the Debate - If I were the moderator of Wednesday night's first presidential debate - scheduled to be devoted to domestic issues including health care - the single question I would most want to ask of both candidates is this one: How is it possible that the U.S., which is the richest country in the world, is the only developed country on this planet that has not figured out how to provide basic health insurance to all its citizens? It certainly is NOT because we don't spend enough money on healthcare.

Judge Blocks PA Voter ID Law (This year) -

Stephen Colbert Invades 'GMA' -

Michelle Obama Beats Ann Romney In Vital Cookie Contest-The cookie bakers have spoken: Michelle Obama will not be relinquishing over her White House kitchen garden or her first lady status any time soon. And she has her White and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe to thank for it. (Amy Bingham)

Will The Debates Make A Difference?-Last week Mitt Romney opened an Ohio bus tour on the same day that a new poll in the state showed him lagging behind President Obama by a 10 point margin. (Michael Falcone and Amy Walter)

9 Florida Counties Report Faked Vote Registration Forms From GOP-Backed Firm-A GOP-backed consulting firm may have submitted "hundreds" of faked voter registration forms in Florida, according to the Florida Secretary of State. (Amy Bingham)

Romney vs. Obama: Presidential Debates Rarely Change Votes, But Stakes Remain High-President Obama and Mitt Romney don't want you getting too excited about their first presidential debate on Wednesday. (Russell Goldman)

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