PM NOTE: Dems Surge in Fundraising, Romney Surges in Some Polls, White House Mulls Libya Action, Romney on Afghanistan

Michelle Obama Voted Today - Who do you think she picked? -

Townhall Tuesday - Here's what you need to know about the debate, the questions, the questioners, the moderator -

A Remembrance of Townhalls Past (including Al Gore in George W. Bush's personal space, McCain's wanderings, and Bill Clinton connecting) -

Retaliatory Strike Preps - From the AP's Kimberly Dozier and Rukmini Callimachi - "The White House has put special operations strike forces on standby and moved drones into the skies above Africa, ready to strike militant targets from Libya to Mali - if investigators can find the al-Qaida-linked group responsible for the death of the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans in Libya.

"But officials say the administration, with weeks until the presidential election, is weighing whether the short-term payoff of exacting retribution on al-Qaida is worth the risk that such strikes could elevate the group's profile in the region, alienate governments the U.S. needs to fight it in the future and do little to slow the growing terror threat in North Africa.

"Details on the administration's position and on its search for a possible target were provided by three current and one former administration official, as well as an analyst who was approached by the White House for help. All four spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the high-level debates publicly." -

Romney Raises $170.4M in September, But Is Again Outpaced by Obama - (Emily Friedman) (This post originally misstated Romney's September haul.)

Tune in to on Tuesday for livestreaming coverage of the second 2012 Presidential Town Hall Debate in Hempstead, N.Y. Coverage kicks off with ABC News' live preview show at noon, and full debate coverage begins at 8 p.m.

A n Obama Campaign Screed on the Recent Polling - Obama pollster Joel Benenson released a memo today suggesting a USA Today / Gallup poll of swing state voters was an outlier and when it's screening for likely voters creates "bias against registered voters who more likely to move from time to time, such as young voters, renters, minorities and urban dwellers, all of whom tend to lean toward the President."

Romney staffers were making mirror image arguments last month, when things looked different. That is also when Mitt Romney said, "Polls go up, polls go down."

Mitt Romney Shifting Tone On Afghanistan Plan - "Mitt Romney's pointed criticism of President Obama's planned 2014 "transition" of troops out of Afghanistan has been dulled over the past week, marking a rhetorically subtle but politically significant shift in the Republican nominee's plan to end the decade-long war.

"The Romney campaign denies any suggestion its policy has changed, but recent comments have opened the door for President Obama to question the challenger - and deflect from broader foreign policy concerns - during their debate Tuesday night in New York.

"For months on the stump, Romney has warned that setting a hard-and-fast timeline for leaving the Afghanistan would provide the Taliban and other insurgent forces with the upper hand in the fight to build and preserve the country's already tenuous democratic institutions.

"But over the past five days, both Romney's top foreign policy adviser and his running mate have used softer language, suggesting that a new administration would take almost precisely the same course." (Gregory Krieg)

Obama Team Mum On Moderator Concerns - (Mary Bruce)

Pizza Hut Rethinks Presidential Debate Stunt

Tommy Thompson's Son Apologizes for Back-to-Kenya Obama Comment - (Sarah Parnass)

Ryan Presses Early Voting, Military Ballot Concerns in Wisconsin - (Shushannah Walshe)

Mitt Romney Won't Face 'Sharp-Tongued' Women of 'The View' - (Emily Friedman)

Liberal Groups Enlist Hollywood Star Power In Attacks Against Mitt Romney - (Michael Falcone)

Ohio Appeals to Supreme Court on Early Voting - (Ariane DeVogue)

Elizabeth Warren Out-Raises Scott Brown in Third Quarter - (Elizabeth Hartfield)

Strict Voter ID Blocked for 2012 - But What About the Future? - (Ariane DeVogue)

Parents Prefer President Obama as Babysitter - (Anthony Castellano)

Second Look: ABC / Post Poll - Enthusiasm Rises for Romney; Obama Has a 'Right-Track' Retort - (Gary Langer)

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