PM Note - Five Oh Nationally for Mitt, Obama Votes Early, George S. Poll Watching Advice, Ann Romney Feeds 30 for $137.50, McCain Back Onboard with Mourdock

Totally Meaningless Tea Leaves - The yard signs in the PM Note's Northern Virginia neighborhood have equalized. The Obama people must have gotten a shipment in.

Five Oh - Two daily tracking polls, including ABC's, show Mitt Romney at 50 percent among likely voters nationally.

From Gary Langer - "The difference between the two candidates is within the margin of sampling error in the latest ABC News/Washington Post daily tracking poll, and their individual support levels have not significantly changed. But the momentum on underlying issues and attributes is Romney's.

"Romney's gains are clear especially in results on the economy. This poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates, finds that likely voters now pick Romney over Obama in trust to handle the economy by 52-43 percent - the first time either candidate has held a clear lead over the other on this central issue.

"Equally important, Romney has erased Obama's customary advantage on which candidate better understands the economic problems of average Americans. Today, 48 percent pick Obama, 46 percent Romney - essentially a dead heat. Yesterday and today mark the first time in the campaign that Obama hasn't had at least a marginally significant lead on economic empathy. "

That national trend continues to run at crosscurrents with key battleground states, like Ohio, where Obama continues to keep his edge in polls.

George Stephanopoulos Had Advice on What to Watch on Polls - (Besides the ABC / Post polls) - "This race is about Ohio right now" -

Voting Early By Example - A wrap of ABC posts from Greg Kreig - "President Obama took a break from a marathon blitz of swing states today to cast an early ballot in his hometown of Chicago, making him the first sitting president to cast his ballot before Election Day.

"I'm going to do some early voting in Chicago [later today]," Obama told supporters at a rally in Tampa, Fla., this morning. "I can't tell you who I'm voting for. It's a secret ballot. But Michelle says she voted for me."

"A new ad released today is meant to remind Democrats how close an election can be by looking back at the 2000 Florida recount, which George W. Bush won by 537 votes. Florida gave Bush the electoral votes he needed to win the presidency.

"In Tampa's Hillsborough County, the largest in Florida's "I-4 Corridor," the campaign has been pushing a "Vote Now" initiative since Sept. 22.

"In Ohio, where early voting is underway, the Democrats are using political rallies as a way to bring voters together and bundle them off to the polls. … "Republicans are expressing confidence the early numbers, when compared to Obama's dominant 2008 showing, are swinging in their direction.

"The Obama campaign, however, believes it is again running up a commanding lead in the early voting, especially in Ohio. Romney's staff doesn't deny there's a gap, but insists it's not nearly as large as Democrats say. The question is whether it's a deficit that Romney can make up on Nov. 6.

The #s - Why Ohio Could Keep Us Guessing Past Election Night - (Provisional ballots won't be counted until eleven days after election day and absentee ballots can be received until Nov. 16 ) (Elizabeth Hartfield)

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