PM Note: The Real Story on Benghazi, Rise of the 'Nones,' Big Bird Election, VP Expectations, Back to the Tax Drawing Board

Expectations Fact Check! - Mitt Romney told Wolf Blitzer that maybe the last time Paul Ryan took part in a debate was in high school. But Shush Walshe reports Ryan has actually participated in at least eight debates during his fourteen years in congress according to available articles and information provided by the Ryan campaign. An examination of them shows topics that have been raised during this campaign, from his vote for TARP to Medicare.

ABC's Schedule - Wednesday GMA: Ann Romney Wednesday World News: Barack Obama Thursday Debate: Martha Raddatz

What else to watch tomorrow?

Libya Hearing - How did they identify U.S. Amb. Chris Stevens On Sept. 11? Doctors used the cell phone in his pocket to make phone calls, according to Jon Karl's World News report.

Also, per Dana Hughes - "Though the administration said initially this attack was spontaneous and not pre-planned, today reporters were told that these were dozens of armed men, heavily armed with weaponry, and able to sustain an attack for hours without slowing down. A State Department official called it unprecedented. "The lethality and number of armed people is unprecedented. There was no attack anywhere in Libya Tripoli or Benghazi like this." And Jake Tapper has been all over potential evidence for tomorrow's hearing on State Department consulate security.

Affirmative Action At the Supreme Court -

Relying on Joe Biden - "The Obama campaign has lost all the momentum they had and now are in danger of falling behind," ABC News political analyst and former George W. Bush campaign strategist Matthew Dowd said this morning. "Biden is important to stop the bleeding and regain their footing. And as important, Ryan has to not step in it, so the Romney trajectory can continue."

But it's been 5 months since Biden did a major national interview -

Pew's Rise of the 'Nones' - People Without Religion - and a 2nd Nontheist Member of Congress ? - A More on that Pew poll showing a steep rise in Americans not identifying with a religion - 20 percent. For the first time, less than half of Americans are "protestant." But that doesn't make it easier to be an atheist politicians. Although, we could see our first openly nontheist member of congress elected this year. Pete Stark came out as a nonbeliever after coming to Capitol Hill -

Three Months Before Fiscal Cliff, Schumer Urges Colleagues Back to the Drawing Board - Says Lower Rates and Broaden Base won't work - (Sunlen Miller)

Weighty Questions About Big Bird - Mitt Romney to Wolf Blitzer - "Big Bird is going to be just fine." But he renewed his pledge to cut funding for PBS.

It was an interview that started with Syria and Iran and Romney arguing that the Obama administration should have done more to arm rebels in that country.

It veered into tax cuts and the 47 percent. But then came Big Bird. You can't get away from Big Bird on the campaign trail any more. played the Sesame Street theme song before an Obama rally at Ohio State today. Obama's references to Bird have become more and more intense.

There's a silly TV ad produced by the Obama administration.

On the one hand, Romney probably has a point that the Big Bird debate is secondary to the millions of unemployed Americans.

On the other hand, when Romney ticked off two of the first things he'd cut that Obama would keep, Sesame Street came right after Obamacare.

Mitt Romney's History With Big Bird: Ruffling Feathers Since Dec. 2011 - (Falcone)

In Other News from the Trail - After McDonalds stop Monday, Romney hit Wendy's on Tuesday.

Romney Says He Met Fallen Navy SEAL When He Crashed a Christmas Party -

Marine Missing 37 Years From Final Battle of Vietnam War Buried With Full Honors -

Paul Ryan Talks Up Auto Jobs in Home State Comparison-In Mitt Romney's home state, Paul Ryan held a rally in front of a large crowd Monday, tailoring his remarks for the Michigan audience comparing job losses in his home state of Wisconsin to the auto industry's struggles here. (Shushannah Walshe)

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