Ryan on Wisconsin Polls: 'They Are Looking Good … I Feel Very Good'

ON THE RYAN PLANE - Paul Ryan told reporters today the polls in his home state of Wisconsin are "looking good." When a reporter asked him about tightening polls in the Badger state he noted, "They are looking good."

When asked how it feels that the race seems to be tightening in the state, he answered: "I feel very good. It feels great to be home."

The GOP vice presidential nominee came to the back of the plane on the way to a fundraiser in Chicago with his wife Janna and his three young children to look at Halloween decorations reporters put up on the jet this morning.

Janna Ryan thanked the reporters and Ryan let slip a surprise campaign stop later today in Wisconsin.

"That was nice, we're going to be at a pumpkin patch later today, too, so you guys can all get stuff," Ryan told reporters.

He said that despite missing the Green Bay Packers game he's happy his whole family is together and got to attend mass as a family.

Ryan's selection to the GOP ticket has tightened the polls in Wisconsin and both Republicans and Democrats are fighting hard on the ground and the air to win this state. Some recent polls still have the president holding a lead of between 5 and 11 points, but others are even tighter.

President Obama campaigned in the state Thursday on the campus of the University of Wisconsin in Madison and a record breaking 30,000 people attended, but national polls have also been tightening just one month out from Election Day.

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