Ryan Targets AG Holder in Fundraising Letter

The Romney campaign is using Attorney General Eric Holder as their latest foil for raising campaign cash.

In an e mail sent to supporters Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan writes to "donate now to vote Barack Obama and Attorney General Holder out of office on Election Day - so that Mitt Romney and I can restore justice to the Justice Department."

The letter begins with Ryan calling for Holder to "step aside" because of the Fast and Furious gun investigation scandal.

"He's misled Congress, and entirely botched the investigation of the Operation Fast and Furious debacle - yet he still leads our nation's Justice Department," Ryan writes in the fundraising letter. "It's just another example of the Obama Administration's transparent hypocrisy that despite the tragic and very human toll of this scandal, Attorney General Holder refuses to resign - and President Obama refuses to remove him."

Ryan became the 131 st House Republican to call for the attorney general's resignation Sunday when his spokesperson told the Daily Caller that Ryan agreed with Mitt Romney that Holder should resign over the scandal. Romney called for Holder's resignation last December.

Ryan is currently at debate camp in Virginia preparing for his face off against Joe Biden on Oct. 11. An aide said the preparation included a lengthy set of debate exchanges with former Solicitor General and Biden stand-in Ted Olson, a series of meetings, and time for reading policy materials.

He will watch tonight's debate from Virginia with aides.

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