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Below are some of the notable comments made Sunday on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos." Guests included Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter; former House Speaker Newt Gingrich ; ABC News' George Will; PBS' "Washington Week" moderator and managing editor Gwen Ifill; Andrew Sullivan, editor of "The Dish" at The Daily Beast; former Obama economic adviser and ABC News consultant Austan Goolsbee; and Republican strategist and ABC News political analyst and contributor Nicolle Wallace .


1. Cutter predicts Obama win in Ohio

CUTTER: We feel good about Ohio. We think we're going to win it.

2. If Romney loses electoral college but wins popular vote-an unlikely scenario according to Gingrich-the country will obey law

GINGRICH: I mean, we're a nation of law. We're going to obey the law. I think he's actually going to end up winning around 53-47. And I think it's very unlikely he can win a significant popular victory vote and not carry the Electoral College.

3. Gingrich defends Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock's controversial 'rape' comment

GINGRICH: He also immediately issued a clarification saying he was referring to the act of conception, and he condemned rape…Every candidate I know, every decent American I know condemns rape.


4. Ohio essential for Romney win

Wallace: I don't buy that there's a path without Ohio for Romney.

5. Wallace suggests Des Moines Register endorsement of Romney will have 'ripple effect'

Wallace: The Des Moines Register editorial could have a ripple effect in that part of the country. If - if they have polls showing them even, you know, everyone wants to be on the side of a winner, that could change the mentality of those voters in Ohio.

6. Romney's gain among women caused by 'condescension' of Obama campaign

WILL: There has been a big change. It's not a particular state. It's the change in Romney's gain among women. And that, I think, represents a huge recoil by professional women with college degrees against the condescension of the Obama campaign…It's a distraction, the entire war on women trope, and I think professional, educated women find it offensive.

7. Goolsbee doubts Romney can forge bipartisan coalitions, pointing to his record in Massachusetts

GOOLSBEE: … if you go back and look at Massachusetts, I mean, Mitt Romney vetoed 800 bills by the Democratic legislature in Massachusetts. And he had the 34 percent approval rating when he left office. So I don't know if we start peeling back on the onion on that if it's actually going to show.

8. Sullivan compares Romney to 'alien that ripped off his mask'

SULLIVAN: And, of course, the big elephant in the room is that the Mitt Romney that showed up on October 3rd was like an alien that ripped off his mask and said, "I'm brand new now."

9. Romney has 'no core' and 'no character'

SULLIVAN: We have an obvious someone who has no core at all and has changed it a dozen times to appeal to whatever market share he's appealing to…someone who has no character essentially, but what advantages him in the moment

10. Ifill says Romney is benefiting from the 'hopey changey thing'

IFILL: We heard Barack Obama do it, certainly. But the hopey changey thing is now benefiting the Republican this time.

11. If Romney wins Virginia and Florida, the electoral map will resemble confederacy

SULLIVAN: If Virginia and Florida go back to the Republicans, it's the confederacy, entirely. You put the map of the Civil War over this electoral map, you've got the Civil War.

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