The Note's Must-Reads for Monday October 15, 2012

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Compiled by ABC News' Carrie Halperin, Jayce Henderson and Amanda VanAllen


ABC News' Gary Langer: " Enthusiasm Rises for Romney; Obama Has a 'Right-Track' Retort" Rising enthusiasm and declining anxiety mark an energy boost among Mitt Romney's supporters since he prevailed in the first presidential debate. But a persistent sense he'd favor the wealthy, combined with easing discontent with the nation's direction, provide a retort for President Obama, raising the stakes for their second showdown this week. LINK

The Boston Globe's Michael Kranish: " In twist, evangelicals now backing Mitt Romney" D.J. Moberley, a 30-year-old evangelical Christian, seems an unlikely cog in the effort to elect Mitt Romney as president. He has no ties to the campaign, has been skeptical of the candidate's Mormon faith, and says, "Mitt Romney is not someone I would have picked, that's for sure." Nonetheless, the real estate appraiser spends hours chatting with his 900 Facebook friends and talking with fellow church members about Romney, all part of his effort to convince evangelicals who have qualms about Mormonism that they should support the former Massachusetts governor. LINK

The WashingtonTimes' Guy Taylor: " Romney will channel Reagan on world affairs in debate" When Mitt Romney faces off against President Obama on Tuesday night in the first of their debates to involve foreign policy, the Republican challenger will take a page from Ronald Reagan's playbook by attempting to portray the Democratic incumbent as the second coming of President Carter, and himself as the champion of the Gipper's "peace through strength" mantra. LINK

PRESIDENT OBAMA USA Today's David Jackson: " Obama takes break from debate camp, calls voters" President Obama took a break from debate practice Sunday by visiting a campaign office in Virginia, and even making a few voter calls. "Hi, Griselda? This is Barack Obama," the president said during one call at the phone bank in Williamsburg. "I wanted to call and say thank you." LINK

The Hill's Ben Geman: " Obama faces dilemma over gas prices as presidential campaign hits homestretch" President Obama faces a dilemma as Mitt Romney bashes him over high gasoline prices in the final weeks of their close race. Obama must decide whether to address the attacks head-on, or stay the course on a messaging strategy that has recently been addressing prices indirectly. LINK

The New York Times' Helene Cooper: " Obama's Prep Session Goal: Don't Repeat Mistakes of Last Debate" To prepare for the second round of the presidential debates, President Obama retreated here this weekend - to the environs of this historic village where actors in 18th century garb wander about spouting off in colonial diction. LINK

2012 RACE: The Washington Post's Dan Balz and Jon Cohen: " Presidential contest tight nationally ahead of second debate" On the eve of their second debate, President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney remain locked in a virtual dead heat nationally, with Republicans showing increased enthusiasm for their nominee after his big win in the first debate, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. LINK

PAUL RYAN The Wall Street Journal's Patrick O'Connor: " Ryan Says GOP Win Would Spur a Tax Deal" Rep. Paul Ryan said the presidential campaign, despite its contentious tone, is putting a focus on taxes and deficit cutting that could pave the way for a bipartisan overhaul if running mate Mitt Romney wins the White House. Mr. Ryan, the Republican vice-presidential nominee, said a Romney administration would be able to work with Democrats to pass a tax overhaul, including Mr. Romney's plan for a 20% reduction in individual tax rates. LINK

ABC NEWS VIDEOS " Panel I: Do Debates Change Elections?" LINK

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