VP Debate Winner: It May Not Matter

VIDEO: After: The VP Debate 2012

Who won the Thursday's vice presidential debate? That's question is being debated by politicos, but the answer may take some time to emerge.

"Most debates what you find is, it has to marinate and ruminate a little bit before you get to see who folks decided was the winner….It's like a crock pot," ABC political director Amy Walter said on the ABC and Yahoo! post-debate live show co-hosted by Walter and ABC's Dan Kloeffler.

However, the results might not actually matter so much.

"By the time we open the lid to the crock pot we're going to be onto the next meal," Walter said, referring to the upcoming second presidential debate, which will take place this coming Tuesday in New York.

What was apparent immediately after the event, however, is that the debate, hosted by ABC's senior foreign affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz, appeared to increase interest in participants Rep. Paul Ryan and Vice President Joe Biden. The top Yahoo! searches during and after the debate were "Paul Ryan biography," "Joe Biden biography," and "VP debate winner."

The debate's big contribution to the political discourse may be a revival of a little-used word: Popular Yahoo! search terms included "malarkey" and "what is malarkey" after Joe Biden uttered his standout line "that's a bunch of malarkey" in response to Ryan's critique of the administration's response to the attacks in Benghazi last month.

ABC News and Yahoo! will host another pre-debate and post-debate live stream Tuesday, October 16, when Mitt Romney and Barack Obama meet again for a townhall style debate at Hofstra University in New York.

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