What to Watch For in the Polls

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Just 12 days to go until the presidential election and I received a lot of questions about those polling numbers that seem to be all over the map.

Take a look at the questions I tackled today:

Linden Wooderson: @GStephanopoulos how are the polls reflecting the early vote?

Carlos Romero: Do polls account for people without landlines?

Chris Cyr: @GStephanopoulos with all of these polls who has the best historical prediction?

David Heikkinen: @GStephanopoulos Does anything more than Ohio, Virginia, and Colorado matter?

Belinda Abbott: @GStephanopoulos Please talk about popular vote versus electoral vote and what ifs.

All great questions. You can check out my answers below, and why I think you should pay close attention to our ABC News polling site HERE.

Please keep the questions coming via Facebook and Twitter. And hope to see you Sunday on This Week.

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