Why Romney Hopes To Get The 47% Question

Romney wants to get the "47%" question just as much as Obama does:

After the debate ended in Denver two weeks ago, many Democrats were frustrated that President Obama never raised the issue of the infamous "47% " comments made by Romney at a high-dollar fundraiser that was captured on secret video. That video, say Democrats, did more to cast Romney as out of touch with average voters than almost anything else.

Even so, it's Romney who would be happy to get this question tonight. Why? With his performance last week, Romney bought himself a second look from voters who, until that point, knew very little about the man except for the caricature that had been created of him by millions of dollars of attacks ads. And, many of them liked what they saw. The Romney who stood on stage in Denver was not the man they saw on TV.

For those folks who are taking a second look at Romney, he now has an opportunity to address the 47% comments face to face with a real, live voter (and the 50 or so million tuning in tonight), without any filter or the limitations of a 30-second campaign ad.

While Romney's numbers have improved in multiple polls since his Denver performance, he continues to lag behind Obama on the questions about his ability to relate to - and understand - the economic problems of people in this country. By a 57 percent to 33 percent margin, voters believe that a President Romney would do more to help the wealthy than the middle class. Sixty-eight percent thought that President Obama would look out for the middle class. This may be Romney's last, best chance to change those perceptions.

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