Could Bill Clinton Be Getting a New Job in Washington? Who Else is Coming to Town?

Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

President Obama is about to enter his second term in office, and many of you sent me questions wondering what his new Cabinet will look like.

Bronwyn Lowe asked "Is it possible for President Clinton to become Secretary of State after he has been president for two terms? I know it sounds odd, but he would be the perfect replacement. Just curious what the probability would be."

Denise Lobodinski wrote via Facebook "would any Republicans be considered?"

And Lucia Perri wondered if " Tim Geithner is really going to step down? Would it be before or after the fiscal cliff? Who would be possible replacements?"

Now there is nothing in the constitution that that would prevent Obama from choosing Bill Clinton as Secretary of State, but I think that is a very unlikely, if not close to impossible, pick.

Here's my rundown of who is in the running and why:

Keep the questions coming all week via Facebook and Twitter. And I hope to see you tomorrow on "GMA" and on "This Week" Sunday.

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