Biden Makes Final Sales Pitch in Ohio, Calls Romney 'Shameless'

LAKEWOOD, Ohio - Kicking off his last day campaigning in Ohio, Vice President Joe Biden made his final sales pitch to Buckeye State voters, telling them President Obama is the candidate they can trust.

"My guy Barack Obama has character," Biden told a crowd of 1,200 at Lakewood High School. "And that cannot be said of Governor Romney…The American people, where I come from, like here, they're asking themselves with 48 hours to go, who can I trust? Who will stand up for me? Who will level with me? Who will help the middle class? Well, it's clear in the last hour of this campaign, Romney and Ryan and have become desperate. Romney will say anything to win."

"Why would they be having the policies they have?" Biden asked as a man in the crowd shouted, "They're shameless!"

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Biden replied, "They are shameless. The shamelessness of them is they're running away from what they believe. That's the shameless part."

Biden accused Romney and Ryan of playing a "con game" by trying to change their positions in the final weeks of the campaign. He said Romney supported budget cuts championed in Congress by Ryan, then disavowed them on the campaign trail.

"When it passed, Romney called it a marvelous, a marvelous document and said he would have signed if he were president," Biden said. Here's the point: these guys are trying to play a con game here in the end. They're trying to say the two things that really created this new Republican Party they no longer subscribe to. They no longer subscribe to. When in fact, it's exactly who they are. The fact is these guys are shameless."

Biden again hammered away at Romney for a "pernicious" ad in Ohio, which suggests the Obama administration would let Chrysler export Jeep auto workers' jobs to China. But the vice president slipped up, incorrectly referring to Bill Clinton as the president Romney is targeting in the TV spot, not President Obama.

"That ad you've seen, it says President Clinton bankrupted Chrysler so that Italians could buy it to ship jobs overseas to China," Biden said.

En route to his event here, Biden stopped by Friends Café in Cleveland and invited a Amira Nasrallah, a 17-year-old hostess, and her twin brother Amir, to ride in his SUV to the event at Lakewood High School, where the two are seniors.

Biden, who is on his twelfth trip to Ohio, is also holding events in Fremont and Lancaster as the president and vice president try to seal the deal in a state that could determine their fate.

"We need you Ohio. We need you. We win Ohio, we win this election," Biden said.

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