The Note's Must-Reads for Monday November 12, 2012

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Compiled by ABC News' Carrie Halperin, Jayce Henderson and Amanda VanAllen


ABC News' Reena Ninan and Alyssa Newcomb: " Veteran: Paula Broadwell 'Not the Type' to Have Affair" As a military expert with ties around the world, Paula Broadwell kept a busy schedule packed with writing, teaching and helping wounded soldiers, leaving little time for the married mother to commit "indiscretions," a friend told ABC News. "I have some serious questions about who is connecting these dots and how. … Paula Broadwell is not the type … she isn't," said David Bixler, an active duty double amputee who met Broadwell though a charity foundation in 2010. LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Evan Perez, Siobhan Gorman and Devlin Barrett: " FBI Scrutinized on Petraeus" A social planner's complaints about email stalking launched the monthslong criminal inquiry that led to a woman romantically linked to former Gen. David Petraeus and to his abrupt resignation Friday as Central Intelligence Agency chief. The emails began arriving in Jill Kelley's inbox in May, U.S. officials familiar with the probe said. Ms. Kelley, who helped organize social events at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Fla., told the Federal Bureau of Investigation about the emails, which she viewed as harassing, the U.S. officials said. LINK

The New York Daily News' Bill Hutchinson: " Politicians to demand to know why they were left in the dark about Petraeus scandal" The political fallout from David Petraeus' stunning resignation intensified Sunday, as Capitol Hill lawmakers said they will demand the FBI explain why congressional bigs were kept in the dark until after the news broke. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said she was blindsided by reports Friday that Petraeus was leaving his post as head of the Central Intelligence Agency after the FBI uncovered his secret love affair - a major no-no for government spooks. LINK


The New York Times' Jackie Calmes: " In Debt Talks, Obama Is Ready to Go Beyond Beltway" President Obama, emboldened by his decisive re-election and lessons learned over four years in office, is looking to the renewal of budget talks with Republicans this week as a second chance to take command of the nation's policy debates and finally fulfill his promise to end gridlock in Washington, associates say. As he prepares to meet with Congressional leaders at the White House on Friday, aides say, Mr. Obama will not simply hunker down there for weeks of closed-door negotiations as he did in mid-2011, when partisan brinkmanship over raising the nation's debt limit damaged the economy and his political standing. LINK


The Washington Post's Eli Saslow: "GOP's Red America forced to rethink what it knows about the country" She arrived early to take apart the campaign office piece by piece, just as she felt so many other things about her life were being dismantled. Beth Cox wore a Mitt Romney T-shirt, a cross around her neck and fresh eyeliner, even though she had been crying on and off and knew her makeup was likely to run. A day after the election, she tuned the radio to Glenn Beck and began pulling posters and American flags off the wall. LINK

Politico's Jake Sherman: " Election causes angst for House GOP" Last week's Republican bloodbath is causing angst in a series of House leadership elections. The GOP's problems with women - laid bare by last week's elections - is the main undertone in the battle for head of the Homeland Security Committee between Reps. Mike Rogers of Alabama and Candice Miller of Michigan. LINK

OBAMACARE: The Boston Globe's Katie Johnston: " Mass. health law thrown a curve by Obamacare" Now that President Obama has been reelected, it appears that his health care plan is here to stay, but there is still a great deal of confusion over what the mandates entail and how they will be implemented. In Massachusetts, there is even more ambiguity because Obamacare has several regulations that don't line up with the state's 2006 state health care reform law, and it isn't clear how those disparities will be resolved. With all this uncertainty, it can be tough for employers to keep it all straight. LINK

LATINO DONORS: USA Today's Fredreka Shouten: " Latino donors to Obama gain political clout" As a resident of a U.S. territory, Andrés Lopez could not vote for President Obama on Nov. 6, but the Puerto Rico-based lawyer found another way to help propel Obama to a second term - raising campaign money. Latinos overwhelmingly backed Obama at the polls, pushing him to victory in key states, such as Colorado and Florida. Nationally, Obama won 71% of the Latino vote to Republican Mitt Romney's 27%. But behind the scenes, Lopez and a cadre of wealthy Latino business owners, entertainers, lawyers and financiers tapped their connections to collect roughly $30 million in small and large donations for Obama's re-election, Lopez said. LINK

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