Clinton Africa, Mideast Trip Canceled

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has canceled her trip scheduled for this week to North Africa and the United Arab Emirates because of a stomach flu, the State Department said.

"Since she's still under the weather, we'll be staying put this week instead of heading to North Africa and the Middle East as originally planned," said State Department Spokesperson Philippe Reines. "In her place, Deputy Secretary Burns will travel to Marrakech for the Friends of the Syrian People meeting. We will let you know when she shakes this bug and resumes a public schedule."

The secretary was supposed to travel from December 11th to December 13th to Marrakech, Tunisia and Abu Dhabi. It is expected that the United States will formally recognize the Syria's opposition as a legitimate political party working for a democratic transition at the Friends of Syria meeting in Morocco. Clinton's trip to North Africa and the U.A.E was a quick turnaround from her trip last week where she visited four different European countries in five days.

Clinton, who recently celebrated her 65th birthday, is the most traveled Secretary of State in U.S. history, visiting more than 110 countries, and spending enough hours to equal one year on an airplane during her tenure.

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