Fiscal Cliff Meets Fashion Icon: Obama Taking on Boehner, Putting Forward Wintour?

Theo Wargo/Getty Images for HBO

It was a busy week in Washington with news on the fiscal cliff negotiations and the potential appointment of Vogue's Anna Wintour as an ambassador.

Lynn Hannigan wrote via Facebook to ask "Wasn't the election clear enough that the majority of Americans were in favor of returning the tax amount back to when President Clinton was in office for the wealthy? Why does Boehner insist on not raising taxes on the wealthy?"

And Paula Caravella wanted to know "Why is the legislative group going on a break when this is going on? They were sent to Washington to do a job and they should stay in Washington…No breaks until this matter is resolved. Period."

On the [possible] celebrity ambassador front Linda Finnegan asked "What could the editor of a fashion magazine, such as Vogue, bring to the table to represent the United States as an ambassador?"

And Carole Del Monte weighed in to defend Wintour writing "I'd bet she'd make a great ambassador. Anyone who questions this should remember Shirley Temple Black, who performed her job well."

As Del Monte pointed out Wintour, should she be appointed, would not be the first famous diplomat. In addition to Shirley Temple Black, Sidney Poitier also holds that title.

Take a look:

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