Greta Van Susteren Goes 'On The Record' With ABC News

VIDEO: Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren answers viewers questions.

ABC News' Kaye Foley reports:

Fox News' Greta Van Susteren has interviewed some of the biggest names in U.S. politics on her show, "On The Record," but you'll never guess who her dream guest dream political guest is.

Van Susteren, who appeared on the "This Week" roundtable Sunday, answered viewer questions from Facebook and Twitter for an "All Politics is Social" web exclusive.

Before joining Fox News in 2002, Van Susteren hosted two shows on CNN, including the legal program, "Burden of Proof." She also holds a law degree from Georgetown University, training that she said led to her distaste for the "blurred line between opinion and fact."

"One great thing about a legal education is that we spend three years studying the difference between opinion and fact," Van Susteren said. "It's a very different line and it oftentimes gets blurred in the news. … I have a very strong aversion to the overuse of anonymous sources. Remember in the courtroom, you take the witness stand, you identify who you are, you raise your hand, you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And so facts are very important to at least what I hope I do in my business."

ABC News' Kaye Foley: What was your most memorable interview?

Fox News' Greta Van Susteren: When I was at CNN, many moons ago…I was guest hosting for Larry King. And the guest was the President of Romania. As you might have guessed, I don't speak their language. Unfortunately they forgot to put the translation in my ear. I was so new at it and so terrified that I wasn't smart enough to say, "let's take a break," "I don't have the translation and we'll be right back." Instead I panicked and went through the entire interview where I would ask the President of Romania a question-I'd ask it over here. He'd respond. As soon as he stopped talking, I had no idea what he said, I'd ask another question on a topic over here. It wasn't really very linear. The reason I did such disparate questions is because I was afraid his answer that you were getting at home in English was "I just answered that question." I did an entire segment with the President of Romania and I never understood a single word he said…I was too new and too freaked out that I just went with the flow.

ABC: Afterwards did you read the translation?

Van Susteren: No. I was so panic-stricken. I'm even nervous thinking about it now. It was horrible. It was total panic. Look, I was guest hosting for Larry King!

ABC: Who is your dream political guest?

Van Susteren: Easy answer-Bo the "first dog." I love animals. I'd love to be on Animal Planet. On Animal Planet you aren't dealing with death and destruction and people fighting with each other all the time. To the extent that Bo is a part of politics, I'd love to interview Bo. Plus, I love the fact that he looks like he's wearing white knee socks. Bo is my favorite.

Watch more from ABC's interview with Van Susteren.

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