Giffords and Kelly Have 'Mystical Connection' in Vogue Shoot

Norman Jean Roy for Vogue via AP Photo

Former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, ex-astronaut Mark Kelly, have a "mystical connection" that was on display during a recent interview with Vogue magazine.

The couple posed for photographs in their Tucson home while discussing the uphill health battle Giffords climbs every day along with the campaign for changes in gun control laws.

Just over two years after the shooting massacre in a Tucson supermarket parking lot that killed six, including a 9-year-old girl, and wounded 12 others, Giffords and Kelly announced the creation of Americans for Responsible Solutions (ARS). Giffords has become a public figure for gun control while still in physical and speech therapy several times a week recovering from a bullet wound that left her with severe brain damage.

"We realized that now is the time. We have to do something," Kelly told Vogue.

The political-action committee plans for "common sense" legislation that the couple believes most Americans would endorse, including limiting the size of ammo magazines and a ban on the sale of assault weapons to civilians. The PAC is also lobbying for compulsory background checks for gun buyers.

The couple attended Tuesday's State of the Union Address in which President Obama called for stricter gun laws.

Their PAC is up against the powerful influence of the National Rifle Association. However, because Giffords and Kelly both grew up with firearms around them and currently own a gun, they have something in common with the "opposing side" that may be to their advantage.

"We didn't want to be doing this," Kelly said to Vogue writer John Powers. "There are lots of things we'd rather have done. But sometimes you don't get a choice. Gabby is 'OK, this happened to me. I want it to count for something.' "

Powers observed that the frail 42-year-old moved slowly, but evoked a positive aura. This positive attitude is what others say Giffords has maintained throughout her struggle.

Sen. Kristen Gillibrand, D-N.Y., said Giffords "was always positive, but now she's more positive than I've ever known her."

It also helps Giffords has her loving husband to count on, who has been by her side throughout her recovery. Kelly often speaks to the media in Giffords' representation, which is fitting as the two "sometimes appear to communicate almost telepathically."

Powers even hints Kelly could become a possible heir to Giffords' political career.

The dynamic duo have a long-term battle to fight, but they have each other to help take tiny steps along the way.

Vogue's March 2013 issue hits newsstands on Tuesday, Feb. 19.

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