Stuart Stevens: Republican Party Does Not Have a 140 Character Problem

By Curt Villarosa

Feb 17, 2013 12:36pm
abc stuart stevens this week jt 130217 wblog Stuart Stevens: Republican Party Does Not Have a 140 Character Problem

ABC News

Stevens states GOP does not have a 140 character problem

STEVENS: Listen, I don’t think — it would be a great mistake if we felt that technology in itself is going to save the Republican Party.  Technology is something to a large degree you can go out and purchase and if we think there’s an off the shelf solution that you can go out and purchase for the Republican Party, it’s wrong.

You know, we’ve had a lot of chance now since the campaign to spend time with the Obama folks and sometimes they had better technology, some cases we have better technology.  We don’t have 140 character problem in the Republican Party.  We have a larger problem that we have to look at and be patient about it.  And trying to think that there’s one solution like this, I just don’t think…

Below you can find some of the notable comments made Sunday on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.” Guests included ABC News’ George Will; Rep. Joaquín Castro, D-Texas; Former House Speaker and 2012 Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich; Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus and Romney 2012 campaign senior adviser Stuart Stevens.


abc ruth marcus this week jt 130217 wblog Stuart Stevens: Republican Party Does Not Have a 140 Character Problem

ABC News

Marcus proposes throwing politicians on ‘stinky cruise’ for making sequester ‘inevitable’

MARCUS: It doesn’t matter whose idea it was, what matters is the unthinkable is now inevitable.  I’m going to give you my modest proposal for the sequester, which is we should take the relevant members of congress and the administration, put them on that stinky cruise ship and send them back out there.

Castro calls Cruz ‘shameful’ for harsh criticism of Hagel

CASTRO:  Sure.  And I met Ted.  And he’s always been nice to me.  But that was quite frankly  shameful to suggest that somebody that was a decorated veteran in Vietnam, who was wounded and hurt for his country was not loyal to his country I think really is quite harsh and had no place there.

Gingrich blasts Marcus for aligning with ‘Washington nonsense’ over Hagel

MARCUS:  If you look at…the Hagel story more broadly, if Washington wanted to come up with a way to look worse, I can’t imagine one…The president is entitled to his nominee but his performance, I was going to go with execrable, but I’ll settle for appalling.  It was an appalling performance.

And now the Republicans just want to make themselves look even for obstructionist with a country frustrated with that?  I mean, come on.  Confirm the guy — don’t like him, but vote against him.

GINGRICH:  This is just such Washington nonsense.  You look at what Democrats did to Clarence Thomas.  You look at what Democrats did to Judge Bork, you look at the three months that John Tower was hung out to dry by the Senate this is…

KARL:  Well, you’re not endorsing that behavior, though.

GINGRICH:  No, but I’m saying to in this brand-new standard no matter how stupid Chuck Hagel is, no matter how bad his performance, no matter how much he keeps in secret, we all know he is an honorable man.  How do we know that?

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