State Dept 'Will Leave No Stone Unturned' on Benghazi

Secretary of State John Kerry briefly addressed yesterday's testimony about Benghazi by State Department employees in Rome on Thursday, saying "the State Department will leave no stone unturned."

He told reporters that he would not get into any details about the Benghazi hearings because he had "been literally in 24-hour meetings, flying from Moscow," so had only seen headlines from the testimony, but will deal with the situation when he returns to Washington. Once back he'll receive a staff briefing on the hearings.

Kerry reiterated that he's put his chief of staff David Wade in charge of being the liason with the relevant committee chairs in the House and Senate to answer any lingering questions. "I am absolutely determined that this issue will be answered, will be put to bed, and if there's any culpability in any area that is appropriate to be handled in some way with some discipline, it will be appropriately handled."

Kerry said today that he's waiting for an internal report, which he referenced in his budget hearings last month where he said then that "with respect to the issue of Benghazi and paying attention to the past and those employees, what's the standard, I have learned that there is - there are a set of rules that govern that. The report will show whether personnel, people have expectations that those standards will be adhered to in terms of firing, hiring, discipline, and so forth."

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