The Note's Must-Reads for Tuesday June 04, 2013

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Compiled by ABC News' Carrie Halperin, Jayce Henderson nd J.P. Lawrence

SUPREME COURT Boston Globe's Matt Viser: " DNA swabs on suspects upheld by Supreme Court." The ­Supreme Court narrowly ruled Monday that states could take DNA samples from persons accused of serious crimes, reinvigorating a debate in Massachusetts over whether the state should join more than two dozen others in a practice that critics say threatens civil liberties. In the highly watched case, the 5-4 decision will allow police officers to take DNA samples without a warrant, making the swabs as common as fingerprinting. LINK

IRS ABC News' John Parkinson: " New Acting IRS Commish Pledges Cooperation" Less than two weeks since taking over as the acting commissioner at the Internal Revenue Service, Daniel Werfel admonished the agency's culture of mismanagement for the missteps that have blanketed the IRS in controversy and created an appearance of partisanship. "It's completely inexcusable, and it's inherently damaging," Werfel said, during his first appearance on Capitol Hill in his new capacity. "We failed in that most basic core principle [impartiality] here." LINK

GOV. CHRISTIE ABC News' Josh Margolin: " Christie Stakes High in Filling Lautenberg's Senate Seat, Likely to End Up in Court" The Senate vacancy caused by the death of New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg was immediately enmeshed in national politics, the possible presidential ambitions of Gov. Chris Christie and conflicting laws about how to fill the vacancy. "This is going to court," one Republican plotter said emphatically. Asked about the political fallout and ramifications, Christie's top political adviser Bill Palatucci told ABC News, "I'm not going to say anything right now. It just happened. May he rest in peace." LINK

IRAN USA Today's Aamer Madhani: " Obama approves sanctions on Iran's currency," The Obama administration announced new sanctions on Iran Monday, targeting the country's currency and automobile industry, the latest effort to isolate Tehran from the global financial system. An executive order by President Obama authorizes sanctions on foreign financial institutions that make transactions in Iran's currency, the rial, or keep accounts denominated in the rial outside the country. LINK

ECONOMY Wall Street Journal's Ben Casselman and Neil Shah: " Weak Signs for U.S. Output" U.S. factories in May posted their worst month since the end of the recession, as weakness overseas overwhelmed a still-shaky manufacturing recovery at home. The Institute for Supply Management on Monday said its broad index, in which any reading below 50 indicates contraction, fell to 49 from 50.7 in April-the first decline since November. The reading, based on a survey of corporate purchasing managers, is the lowest since the recession ended in June 2009. "It's a fragile recovery," said Alexander Cutler, chairman and chief executive of industrial conglomerate Eaton Corp. ETN +0.24% "This has been very much the environment we've been talking about for the past several years." LINK

CONGRESS The New York Times' Jonathan Weisman: " In Congress, Legislation and Scandals Vie for Attention" Lawmakers will return to the Capitol on Monday from a weeklong recess, facing a critical juncture on immigration legislation and controversies at the Internal Revenue Service and the Justice Department that will test Congress's ability to balance its twin responsibilities of legislating and investigating. For President Obama, how those competing priorities balance out could mean the difference between securing a landmark accomplishment - the first overhaul of the nation's immigration laws since 1986 - or becoming consumed by charges of scandal. LINK

The Washington Post's David Fahrenthold: " 'Temporary' farm subsidy program may finally meet the reaper" The building is one of the finest on Central Park West. Celebrity residents. Park views. Units priced at up to $24 million. It is most definitely not a farm. But last year, the U.S. government sent $9,070 in farm subsidies to an apartment here. Even the woman who got that money isn't exactly sure why. "I really don't know," Lisa Sippel said. Sippel does own farmland, but it's in Missouri. Somebody there does the work. LINK

GOP Politico's Katie Glueck: " Report details how GOP lost young voters" A new postmortem on the November elections from the nation's leading voice for college Republicans offers a searing indictment of the GOP "brand" and the major challenges the party faces in wooing young voters, according to a copy given exclusively to POLITICO. The College Republican National Committee on Monday will make public a detailed report - the result of extensive polling and focus groups - dissecting what went wrong for Republicans with young voters in the 2012 elections and how the party can improve its showing with that key demographic in the future. LINK

Boston Globe's Richard Lardner: " GOP House bill would block Guantanamo closing" Rebuffing President Obama's latest plea, House Republicans on Monday proposed keeping open the military-run prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, by barring the administration from transferring its terrorism suspects to the United States or a foreign country such as Yemen. The provisions dealing with the fate of the remaining 166 prisoners are part of a defense policy bill drafted by Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard P. "Buck" McKeon, Republican of California. The chairman released the bill Monday, two days before Republicans and Democrats on the committee will vote on it. LINK

ABC NEWS VIDEO Bradley Manning court martial starts today. LINK

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