Obamacare's Newest Mascots: Adorable Baby Animals


After a week of gloomy predictions about a government shutdown and an approaching debt ceiling (not to mention a Senate candidate's tweets at a stripper) what does Washington - and the entire country - need now?

Pictures of baby animals, of course.

That's where the "Adorable Care Act" comes in. A new meme-based effort, complete with a tumblr site and Twitter and Facebook accounts is all about selling the Affordable Care Act, better known as "Obamacare," to the American people. And what better way to do that than with adorable, pint-sized creatures who seem eager to mark the launch of the law's health insurance marketplace on Oct. 1.

Their @AdorableCareAct's first tweet on Sept. 20, included a photo of a baby pig with the caption, "Wait! Being cute isn't a pre-existing condition anymore? Thanks, Adorable Care Act!"

Though the White House and President Obama's political organization, Organizing for Action, have denied any involvement with the meme's creation, the posts did catch the attention of the White House's social media team, who re-tweeted the Adorable Care Act on Thursday.

"Get your ducks in a row-visit http://www.healthcare.gov to #GetCovered starting Oct 1!" the tweet read.

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