Crisis Management Advice for Chris Christie

VIDEO: Governor accused of shutting lanes on GWB for political motives, says he was not aware of closings.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is dealing with the biggest national political scandal of his career.

The revelation that his top aides appeared to orchestrate the closing of several lanes on the world's busiest bridge to punish a local Democratic mayor of Fort Lee has stunned the political world.

Christie insists that the news stunned him too. But how he handles this crisis could affect his ability to stay the front-runner in GOP politics going into 2016. The scandal also threatens to damage his management credentials as a governor, which have been one of his competitive advantages over other prospective 2016 presidential contenders.

There's plenty of advice for Christie to go around. We collected some of the offers on crisis management via social media:

(Rich Schultz / AP Photo)

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