Harry Reid Has Dozed Off in Past State of the Union Addresses

State of the Union addresses can be a snooze. Just ask Majority Leader Harry Reid who admitted today he has dozed more than once through a president's speech.

He's confident, though, that he will stay awake for all of President Obama's remarks tonight.

Reid admitted today that he's "dozed off" during past addresses-although none delivered by his fellow Democrat President Obama.

Asked at his weekly media availability on Tuesday whether there's anything he's afraid Obama will say in the speech, Reid replied: "The only thing that would ever trouble me is [if he] said, 'Reid, stop dozing off.' Okay. Other than that, I'll do my best…I have-frankly have dozed off once or twice. Not during the Obama years of course. But I'm alert, and I understand the speech isn't going to be very long."

The majority leader has it on good authority that tonight's speech will be short: He told reporters that he's gotten word from Katie Beirne Fallon, the White House legislative director, that Obama's speech won't run too long.

"Katie Beirne told us it's not going to be a record breaker for length, so we'll see. That's the only thing I wouldn't want him to pinpoint me for nodding a little bit," Reid said.

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