Look at the Size of These Potatoes John Kerry Gave His Russian Counterpart

The Secretary of State presents Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with two giant Idaho potatoes as a gift.

Yep, those are two giant potatoes from Idaho.

Secretary of State John Kerry met on Monday in Paris with his Russian counterpart, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, to discuss Syria, and before they sat down at a long table with their respective teams, Kerry gave these massive potatoes to Lavrov as a gift.

Kerry spent part of the Christmas holiday week with his family at one of their houses, in the ski town of Ketchum, Idaho, and apparently Lavrov had mentioned the fame of Idaho potatoes. So Kerry brought two of them along to Paris.

They were, in Lavrov's words, "impressive."

After Lavrov asked if he needed to keep the brown wrapping paper, a female adviser seated to Kerry's right joked, "protection?"

Kerry joked that Lavrov likely won't make vodka out of them, as he's not a vodka drinker.

"Well, anyway," Kerry said, presumably moving the conversation onto actual diplomatic talks.

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