VP Biden Won't Base Decision to Run in 2016 on 'Who's in the Field'

ABC News' Kirstyn Crawford Reports:

In a characteristic response to questions about his potential presidential run in 2016, Vice President Biden told ABC's George Stephanopoulos on Wednesday that he hadn't made any final plans to put a campaign into motion, but he did reveal one factor that won't be influencing his decision to run.

"I haven't decided to run or not run, and if I run it won't be [based on] who's in the field. It will be whether or not I honestly believe that I have a chance to be able to really move this country in the right direction that is different than those who are running and that I can get that done," he said in an interview on "Good Morning America."

Biden also took the time to address the harsh criticisms doled out by former defense secretary Bob Gates in his new memoir, "Duty." When asked for his response to Gates's claim that Biden has been "wrong on every major foreign policy issue over the past four decades," the vice president told Stephanopoulos that it is true that the two men have "disagreed on every major foreign policy since Vietnam," but that ultimately "history will judge which one of us was right or wrong."

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