Joe Biden Shrugs Off Threat of Koch Bros. Money Against Democrats

Joe Biden isn't afraid of the Koch brothers, and he wants his fellow Democrats to take them on as well.

Democrats are "too shy" when it comes to promoting the party's ideas among voters, Biden said today in remarks to state leaders at the Democratic National Committee's winter meeting, citing public opinion polls on issues such as a minimum wage hike, equal pay for women and background checks.

"What we're worried about is the Koch brothers and their friends bringing in millions and millions of dollars," Biden said of the billionaire industrialists. "Money can't buy an election when you're selling a bad set of goods."

"I am so tired of hearing about the 'demise of the Democratic party,'" Biden said at the event in Washington, D.C. "Why are we 'in trouble' as the popular, conventional wisdom is supposedly saying now?"

Biden said Democrats are too afraid of attacks on the campaign trail from special interest groups to press for the issues their party advocates.

Biden and Hillary Clinton are two of the Democratic Party's top potential contenders for 2016, but he deflected rumors he might be floating a presidential bid.

"Everybody wants to talk about 2016. That's lifetimes away," Biden said, instead turning the focus on the mid-term elections. "Think about what happens if we do not succeed in 2014."

Earlier this week, the vice president told ABC's Barbara Walters on "The View" that Clinton's decision for 2016 would not impact his own run. "Whether she runs or not will not affect my decision," Biden said.

President Obama is set to speak at the DNC's winter meeting on Friday. It will be his first speaking appearance at a DNC meeting since 2010.

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