Texas Republican Mistakenly Tweets About Marriage: 'One Man & One Man'

It was a rough afternoon for GOP Texas lieutenant governor candidate Dan Patrick.

First, a federal judge struck down the state's ban on gay marriage. But then, in response, the current state senator, who supports traditional marriage, tweeted out "MARRIAGE= ONE MAN & ONE MAN" by mistake. It continued: "Enough of these activist judges…I know the silent majority out there is with us!"

The tweet was quickly deleted and corrected, but not quickly enough for the mistake to catch the eyes of many gay marriage supporters.

But Patrick was a good sport about the "oops" moment, as he called it. He later joked by tweeting: "We have a new job opening on our campaign: social media intern. Send resume…"

Campaign spokesman Logan Spence said that Patrick himself didn't type the misguided tweet, but the staff member who did isn't out of a job, despite the tweet about looking for a new social media intern.

"[It was] just a joke," Spence told ABC News. "Dan's a pretty forgiving guy."

Since the ruling came out, Patrick clarified his position three times on his Twitter feed.

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