Bill Clinton '95 State of the Union Draft: 'Don't Have Sex'

In what appears to be a draft of his 1995 State of the Union address, Bill Clinton's speechwriters included a curious line aimed at teenagers: "Don't have sex."

That clumsy language was removed by speechwriting aides from a draft titled "2DRAFT2 1/23/95? but labeled "State of the Union Address / Joint Session of Congress / The Capitol of the United States / January 24, 1994."

" Don't Have Sex"

Bob Boorstin, a senior communications aide, wrote to speechwriter and senior aide Don Baer, referencing the concurrent objections of fellow communications aide Paul Begala: "Strike 'Don't have sex.' Begala and I both object to it, not only because of how it sounds but also because of how our opponents could use it. Let's try 'Stay in school. Practice abstinence.'" Neither line made it into Clinton's 1995 State of the Union speech as delivered.

The document was released along with thousands of pages of documents posted online today by the William J. Clinton Presidential Library.

Baer Boorstin Memo

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