Why Is Christine O'Donnell Teasing Chris Christie?

VIDEO: CPAC Hot Seat: 5 Questions With Christine ODonnell

We haven't seen much of conservative activist Christine O'Donnell since she lost her U.S. Senate race in Delaware in 2010 after a shocking primary win. But we will always remember her ad from that year when she declared: "I am not a witch."

At the Conservative Political Action Conference this week, ABC News put O'Donnell in the hot seat. She told us the Democrats she would like to have a beer with and even weighed in on Chris Christie's lane closures scandal.

Here's an edited transcript of seven questions we asked O'Donnell:

1. Do you think John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are true conservatives?

They are doing the best they can, with such a divided party. I would like to see more of an adamant stance.

2. Who's going to be president in 2016?

I don't now but all I can say, my prediction is, it won't be Barack Obama

3. What Democrat would you like to have a beer with?

Hillary Clinton for sure, if, I would love to have a beer with Hillary Clinton behind the scenes …same thing with Gloria Steinem and I'm assuming she's a Democrat.

4. Will you run for office again?

I honestly don't know, we just announced today that I'm doing a column for the Washington Times and we're in development for a TV show, I think that that's a much more fun way to try to introduce change in the country. Running for office, I heard Mike Huckabee say, is just like putting your face in a fan while it's turned on.

5. What's your political priority?

I think the biggest priority in America should be, getting not just back to the constitutional roots, but getting voters to understand why they're important, what they mean.

6. You had a teasing tweet about Chris Christie's bridge scandal today. What's that about?

It was fun, it was fun…what delicious irony because whether its Bridgegate or the IRS scandal, when a government official has access to such power and they abuse it, there need to be very real consequences, not just firings, whether it's Lois Lerner or the people who caused the backup at the bridge. People that abuse the trust that people put in you as a government official. I think there should be jail time, not just symbolic firings. So it was kind of fun to imagine…I heard that he was stuck on the (Woodrow) Wilson bridge, if it is indeed true, I can imagine him having a good chuckle over that too.

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