Meet the New White House Press Secretary in 14 Tweets

(Alex Wong/Getty Images)

He vows never to grow a beard, is a big fan of President Harry S. Truman, and loves Chick-fil-A - never mind that the company owner opposes President Obama on gay rights.

Newly-minted White House press secretary Josh Earnest opened up on Twitter today during his first public Q&A as " @PressSec" - the official handle for Obama's spokesman on the social network.

Here's a lightly-edited version of the exchange:

1. Do you like tacos? 2. What's it like to work at the White House? 3. George Brett, Hal McRae or Frank White? 4. When can we expect a Carney-esque beard? 5. Working at the White House, who is your favorite celebrity you've met so far? 6. Any tips for someone who is looking to work in communications for the White House someday? 7. In your travels for the White House, what is the favorite place you've been foreign or domestic? 8. When can we get a Chick-fil-A in DC? 9. "The West Wing" or "House Of Cards?" 10. Favorite president not on Mount Rushmore? 11. W ho is your favorite "West Wing" character? 12. Have you had the WH beer? Where does it stand in the pantheon of home brew beers? 13. Jay Carney is to Guided by Voices as Josh Earnest is to … which band? 14. How would you have reacted to your hometown of KC hosting the RNC?
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